CDN Light Expericing Showrooms in Zhongshan and Shanghai


CDN Outdoor Lighting Showroom


CDN outdoor lighting exhibition hall covers an area of 800 square meters, located in Zhongshan city China. It integrates Chinese gardens, Hui-style architecture, and industrial decoration. We’d like to mention the lighting application in a few areas here.





At the Pool Area:

Projection lights are used in the water to project the koi fish moving around. The lights can be customized according to different scenes.

The flexible light strip outlines the contour of the arch bridge on its outer side and lit up its inner side for indicator lighting.





At the Visual Light Experiencing Area:

The RBGW LED light strips are equipped with an infrared sensor system, with the human body induction and endless changes, as if entering into magical space and time. Following beneath are various types of corner lights.






CDN Light Expericing Showroom in Shanghai





CDN Lighting Showroom in the East China Marketing Centre, located in Shanghai China, with a total area of approximately 528m2 (5683 sq. ft), the showroom covers nine experiencing spaces of different lighting scenes for Hotel, Residential, Outdoor landscape, Commercial chain, Education, Health care, Light Theatre, and Product exhibition; and Mayalit area for the museum lighting.


The lighting fixtures are presented by CDN and its sub-brand Mayalit.