Ongoing CDN Brand Ambassador Program


CDN Global Brand Ambassador Program aims to unite global dealers to

develop more powerful promotion channels for our businesses

despite the challenges we faced in the COVID-19 epidemic.



Since the launch meeting on May 20, 2021, CDN brand ambassadors are actively engaged in enrolling their local teammates in a planned, prepared, and coordinated program. In nearly two months, they completed the trainings of two product sections: CDN downlight and spotlight, and practice the training transfer and promotion activities from the headquarters to the local market.


Training Transfer


▲ Course: CDN Downlights / in Al-Karam International office, Pakistan


  ▲ Course: CDN Downlights / in SPL Lighting office, Hongkong China



Promotion activities


▲ In Pakistan


 ▲ In Iraq



The program is ongoing with ambassadors’ enthusiasm and devotion; among which the outstanding performances are following:







Thank you all CDN Global brand ambassadors for your dedication and great work!



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Graphic Designer: Snowy



CDN held its 1st Global Brand Ambassador Online Conference


On May 20, 2021, CDN held its First CDN Global Brand Ambassador Program Online Conference at headquarters in Huizhou, China. Nearly 20 overseas distributor team members from 16 countries and regions participated in this event.



In his welcome speech, Mr Alex XU, Director of CDN Overseas Market announced the official launch of the CDN Global Brand Ambassador Program, expressed a welcome to all ambassadors and the expectation to growing together.


CDN brand in China market has established its leading position in the LED lighting industry, and it has built a reputation in the international market. CDN’s global influence is gradually expanding by cooperation with more and more professional companies and multi-national groups. We believe that the participation of all the ambassadors can effectively strengthen the local distributor team and inject new vitality into the international market for CDN.

Mr Will ONG, Regional Director of CDN Overseas Market, introduced how CDN headquarters will provide essential supports and benefits to the ambassadors, and he said, despite the challenges we faced in the COVID-19 epidemic, CDN global team is united and manage to develop more powerful promotion channels for our businesses.



The conference presenter Mr Jack Chen, BD Manager of CDN Overseas Market, introduced the program details and shared experiences with the ambassadors. Yousef (Mr Yousef AbuKhait) CDN brand ambassador to Jordan, and Sami (Mr Samiullah Sharieef Yusuf) CDN brand ambassador to Oman, shared their thoughts on joining the program and stated that the main reason was their confidence in CDN products.



CDN Global Brand Ambassadors were introduced for the first time in history. Now let’s meet our honorable ambassadors’ family!


 Editors: Chloe, Yawen
Graphic designer: Xueying
Photographer: Yang JianChu

About CDN

Year of Establishment: 2006
Capital Registered: RMB 200 million.
Employees: 2000+, 120+ engineers.
Factories: 7 manufacturing locations+ 2 under constructed new self-own factories.
Factory Management: ISO14001, ISO9001
Headquarters: Huizhou City Guangdong China.

Business field: 

Hospitality lighting, shop lighting, museum lighting, office lighting, exterior lighting, decorative lighting, emergency lighting.

Brands: CDN, BACH, Mayalit, KAZ



With a reputation as the top-rated lighting provider for international 5-star hotels, CDN’s accomplished many lighting projects and built strategy cooperations with the leading players in hotels and real estate fields. Supported by excellent service and quality product delivery, as well as the robust manufacturing, the CDN sales network is steadily expanding.


And CDN worldwide teams are ready to give technical support.
– CDN Norway 
– CDN Denmark
– CDN Sweden
– Dubai Branch
– Indonesia Branch
– Cambodia Office
– Hong Kong Office 
– Colombo Office 

To stay with a position as the most professional LED lighting solution provider, and to help customers succeed, CDN has been developing its products according to strict standards that are ahead of the industry.


Our two ranges of products, BACH branded generation 3 downlights, and Mayalit branded BEN track lights won the IF design award.
 To meet the high-end market demands, CDN has established three sub-brands base on its professional experiences in LED lighting, aiming to provide total solutions for projects where accurate light distribution and a very comfortable lighting environment are required.



BACH is a leading brand for hospitality lighting, which started from Germany in 2008 when CDN set up an R&D center in Germany. The targeted market is 5-star hotels and above. 



Mayalit is a very professional lighting brand for museum lighting only. Our technical team is devoted to study and understand the lighting demands for museums intimately and developed a good range of well-designed products for this application.


KAZ is a high-end brand for retail shops, providing distinct shop lighting solutions to attentively serve those luxury retail brands of fashion, shoes, handbags, timepieces, Jewelry, and so on.



Professional lighting at CDN headquarters

Welcome to CDN Lighting Experience Center!




CDN Lighting Experience Center is the first large light experience venue throughout China, designed with the international top lighting design concept. The Experience Center covers a floor area of 300 square meters, completed in six months at the cost of RMB 2 million.



The Experience Center is mainly to create comfortable lounges and meeting areas by combining the interior design with the installation technology of CDN high-end lighting products.




The idea is to create different levels of lighting environment in different scenarios, ensuring guests experience a comfortable illume environment while enjoying the charm of professional lighting.





▲ A mini-bar and meeting area. Two different lighting patterns.


The entire lighting design in the Lighting Experience Center has adhered to the design idea: Minimized lighting equipment to achieve maximum lighting effect.


▲Wall Branding with accent lighting.

Base on the refreshing curve of the wall itself, lighting is designed carefully by selecting the right light.




▲ Showroom for Hospitality Lighting. Presented by CDN’s sub-brand BACH.




▲Showroom for Museum Lighting. Presented by CDN’s sub-brand Mayalit.




▲ Exhibit area for Shop Lighting. CDN’s sub-brand KAZ presents it.




▲Bentley car show LED light, exclusively custom made by CDN.




▲A display corner for the Magnetic Linear system




▲A display corner for emergency luminaire

And more…