What is it like to live in an inspiring oceanfront apartment?



I Can’t help but imagine what it’s like to live in such an inspiring oceanfront apartment!





Moreover, life and business here are very convenient. One Galla Face, located in the heart of Colombo’s central business district, is a mixed-use complex developed and managed by the Shangri-La group.



We provided lighting to the Residences apartment with CDN downlights and LED strips.





The wall washer downlight evenly spreads and refresh the interior, and the LED strip creates indirect lighting to bring the house to life.





Another Luxury residential project used CDN lighting


Another residential project was done with CDN Las Vegas downlights and ML2.0S magnetic linear system.



The project positions luxury homes occupying a landscape of 51,000 sq m (552,547 sq ft) consist 19 garden house buildings with a plot ratio of 1.5. Located in Zhengzhou, Henan China, the properties were designed by Lee Wei Min Architects and developed by Youwell Estate.





CDN Las Vegas downlights and ML2.0S magnetic linear system helped to fulfil the highly consistent interior style, create a very clean and comfortable lighting environment.





How to choose consistent lighting for different ceiling heights


Some of our partners had once encountered a headache problem in their lighting design projects: where to get a proper light fixture that can perfectly fit in a vast range of different ceiling heights yet still give out highly consistent CCT and clean light spots?





Then the answer reveals in the CDN Las Vegas downlights, serial products consist of 5-sizes cut-out from Φ55mm to Φ150mm to nicely illuminate space heights from 3 metres to 12 metres.





Some facts about the Las Vegas Downlights:

UGR < 6

CRI Ra > 95

SDCM < 2





Project reference: a luxury apartment in Dubai.

We used Las vegas downlight, ML2.0S Magnetic Linear lights, and strip lights in this project.




CDN contribution for infrastructure facilities home and abroad


Lit up by a CDN lighting solution, Addis Ababa Bole International Airport serves as the primary hub in Ethiopia and throughout the African continent, also offer nonstop service to Asia, Europe, North America and South America.





We provided the airport with all the LED fixtures.



Apart from the overseas market, CDN also has a strong will in contributing to the infrastructure facilities in domestic China and has done many projects in the fields includes airports, train stations, subways, stadiums, etc… and more.





Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge (HZMB) project, which is a 55-kilometre bridge-tunnel system, the longest bridge-cum-tunnel sea crossing in the world; it is designed to last for 120 years and had cost CNY 127 billion (USD 18.8 billion) to build. To withstand typhoons, salt spray and the high temperature, it had very high demand not only on building techniques and materials but also on the lighting fixtures.





CDN served as a responsible supplier to provide professional tailor-made lighting to the Artificial Island of HZMB.





This eye-catching engineering feat is interconnecting China’s Greater Bay Area, and it takes only 45 minutes to drive from Hong Kong to Zhuhai and Macao instead of three hours before the HZMB was open.


CDN Multiple Lights and Demo Kit



CDN Athens series multiple lights are sought-after for high-end hotel lighting projects.





It’s structured in the mini linear light fixture and circular light spot; Its light-shielding angle is up to 58° for excellent anti-glare control, featuring “light instead of luminaire”.





The total fixture height is merely 46mm and 57mm that can ideally fit in narrow ceilings. The light source combination is optional from a single lamp to multiple 2, 5, and 10 that enable Athens to play its role for both accent and general lighting.



We have designed a demo kit consisting of the four popular multiple lights series in the CDN product portfolio: Athens, Mandalay, Yangon, and Edinburgh.





You may visit our website to Contact local distributor for more details or check out the Product information: https://cdnlighting.cc




CDN Hotel Project | Sheraton Dhaka in Banani Bangladesh



We supplied a total lighting solution to Sheraton Dhaka in Banani Bangladesh, for both the indoor and outdoor areas.



A comprehensive product range was carefully selected for this high-end hotel lighting project, including the Houston modular downlights, shelf lights from both CDN and BACH portfolios, Munich night lights, Hanover and Manchester wall washers, XS neon flex, Pattaya Surface mounted downlight, and ML2.0S magnetic linear system, etc. As well as the tailor-made ceiling lights and pendant lights. For the outdoor ranges, there were underwater spotlight, in-ground lights, LED projector etc.



△ Lobby Bar at Sheraton Dhaka



As usual, lighting for the guest rooms is to create the ultimate relaxing environment. We featured “less is more” lighting to enrich guests’ stay in the Sheraton hotel.



△ A king premier guestroom



It’s preferred to obtain plenty of natural light in terms of architecture, so when it comes to man-made lighting it’s essential to choose the right light with exceptional performance both functional and comfortable, and of course, high quality.



To mention a few areas of CDN’s lighting application at Sheraton Dhaka hotel:



1/3 The Garden Kitchen – Indoor Dining Area

A Canteen can be an open area that requires private spaces for the dining tables, especially when it comes to western style. The 24° track spotlight modules were used as accent lighting to divide different tables.



Applied LED Fixtures: ML2.0S magnetic linear system

CCT: 2700K

CRI: 90Ra

Beam: 24° track spotlight modules, and 110° linear flood light modules

Installation: DC 48V low voltage track mounted





2/3 The fitness centre

The fitness centre asks for a bright and spacious room. We have used a series of tailor-made frame-less ceiling lights



Applied LED Fixtures: CDN tailor-made ceiling light

Wattage : 30W, 50W, 120W

CCT: 3000K/4000K

Installation: Flush or pendant mounted

Control: DALI dimming





3/3 The Ballroom, pre-function area

We used the customized hexagon shape ceiling lights for both general lighting and decorative purpose.



Applied LED Fixtures: CDN tailor-made hexagon ceiling light

CCT: 3000K/4000K

Installation: Flush-mounted

Control: DALI dimming





CDN project | Huawei China headquarters at Leeza SOHO in Beijing


CDN provided office lighting to Huawei China Headquarters at Leeza SOHO in Beijing. Leeza SOHO is also known as the Tower of Li Ze.




We used the HP linear lighting and Las Vegas downlight in this project.


Huawei is one of the best technology companies in China. They have very rigorous criteria to select suppliers. It is proud of being a Huawei lighting supplier due to our quality products and services.



CDN professional lighting for office applications helps make for a more healthy, productive, and comfortable workspace.



How to create elegant restaurant lighting?


How to create elegant restaurant lighting with just the track spotlights and downlights?



Nam Long Restaurant Coffee is a popular boutique restaurant in Hanoi that used CDN lights to create its comfy and elegant interior. The project was done by our local partner in Vietnam, Van Long Investment and Trade JSC.



Key LED fixtures used were the CDN Dublin series track spotlight, square frame downlights, and LED strips, too.




How would you better present the value of commodities in a supermarket?


How would you better present the value of commodities in a supermarket? For fresh food commodities, we find answers in high quality LED lighting with high CRI and special made colour temperatures.



CDN Lisse series track-mounted pendant fresh food light can enhance the colour and lustre of the commodities, and give shoppers a good impression. The COB LED light sources are available in 6-kinds of customized colour temperatures including seafood colour, bread colour, beef colour, vegetable colour, fruit colour, and meat colour, to fulfill the lighting tasks of various scenes. It’s suitable for the shopping malls and fresh food areas in the supermarkets.



Different mounting types of fresh food lights are available in our product portfolio.



Following a demo kit for our fresh food LED lights – The recessed downlights and track lights ranges.


For easy demonstration and marketing support, contact your sales manager for more details.



Find out more about CDN and our lighting portfolio: www.cdnlighting.cc



BACH Kothen series Downlight


Bach Kothen series downlights are designed and made to create luxury lighting; it’s favoured among designers engaged in high-end luxury residential and relevant projects.




Apart from cooperation with international reputed developers, CDN is a strategic lighting supplier for over 60 of the Chinese Top100 real estate companies. Having participated in many influential projects, we understand how important is product development, so we make great efforts to invest in R&D to ensure we continuously offer high-quality lighting. Meanwhile, by deeply understanding the project demands we can create value-added products and services.