How would you better present the value of commodities in a supermarket?


How would you better present the value of commodities in a supermarket? For fresh food commodities, we find answers in high quality LED lighting with high CRI and special made colour temperatures.



CDN Lisse series track-mounted pendant fresh food light can enhance the colour and lustre of the commodities, and give shoppers a good impression. The COB LED light sources are available in 6-kinds of customized colour temperatures including seafood colour, bread colour, beef colour, vegetable colour, fruit colour, and meat colour, to fulfill the lighting tasks of various scenes. It’s suitable for the shopping malls and fresh food areas in the supermarkets.



Different mounting types of fresh food lights are available in our product portfolio.



Following a demo kit for our fresh food LED lights – The recessed downlights and track lights ranges.


For easy demonstration and marketing support, contact your sales manager for more details.



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BACH Kothen series Downlight


Bach Kothen series downlights are designed and made to create luxury lighting; it’s favoured among designers engaged in high-end luxury residential and relevant projects.




Apart from cooperation with international reputed developers, CDN is a strategic lighting supplier for over 60 of the Chinese Top100 real estate companies. Having participated in many influential projects, we understand how important is product development, so we make great efforts to invest in R&D to ensure we continuously offer high-quality lighting. Meanwhile, by deeply understanding the project demands we can create value-added products and services.





BACH V Downlight | Red Dot Design Award Winner 2021



<Product introduction video for BACH V Downlights>


BACH V has won the German Red Dot Award 2021. It’s another remarkable glory after BACH Ⅲ won the iF Design Award.



Let’s check out some essential features of BACH 5th generation downlights.


– An innovative double adjustment structure with only 8mm offset from the centre; and up to 35 degrees for vertical adjustment. This supports stable and more precise lighting control at different positions. For example, a wider lighting range and a closer washing distance from the wall to ceiling.



– Various replaceable optic accessories and reflectors for extra anti-glare control and decoration.

– IP44 protection.