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Culture Plaza of Liudong New Area



Can architecture fly?


It may be possible with professional lighting!


cdn-lighting-peoject-culture-plaza- liudong-new-are


The Culture Plaza of Liudong New Area locates on the south bank of LongHu Lake in Liuzhou City, China. The building has a constructed area of 195,000 square meters and an area of 69,000 square meters. In the shape of a butterfly, the “butterfly” on the shore of LongHu Lake symbolizes the development momentum of Liudong New Area.





Let’s review how the CDN lighting solution was implemented to reveal the dynamic sense of the project.


In the Liudong Culture Plaza, we used Arezzo series linear lights (300MM model splicing) to outline the main building from the top. The lighting was selected for a more precise beam angle and light colour to ensure consistent lighting output.





Arezzo is a masterfully designed LED linear light for a wide range of applications. It’s optional to have value-added accessories for anti-dazzle, and 180° accurate directional adjustment.














CDN outdoor lighting in the Plaza is controlled by an intelligent system that offers preset lighting modes, such as “Festival mode – Weekday mode – Late night mode”.
In addition, the lighting system can integrate with the Plaza’s audio system and monitoring system to create a dynamic impression for the entire project at night.





CDN provided both the outdoor lighting solution and the indoor lighting for the public areas;

Exterior lighting: Arezzo linear lights controlled by a smart system.
Interior lighting: Las Vegas downlight, Dublin track spotlight.


Check below a video to showcase CDN lighting solutions to the Culture Plaza of Liudong New Area.


A video to showcase CDN lighting solutions to the Culture Plaza of Liudong New District





Create a lovely home lighting in Iraq Gate Residential Complex Apartment

How can we create a pleasant home lighting with just the downlights and the pendant?



<Watch the video – A concise style home in lovely lighting>






Apartment in Iraq Gate residential complex, the lighting design and instalment was done by our local partner LUXIFI in Iraq.

CDN supplied the Las Vegas downlights, Copenhagen pendant lights and LED strips for this project.







The Las Vegas downlight is proud of both high quality and versatility, it can blend in different spaces in a house, creating both accent and general lighting.






Police Memorial Complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh


We are honoured to be involved in constructing this significant building, the Police Memorial Complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It’s a meaningful place to remember the heroes and celebrate the life of the deceased.





CDN supplied a complete exterior lighting solution, and it’s designed and installed by our local partner Platform Solutions Limited.





Outdoor LED fixtures:


1. Potenza in-ground light
2. Arezzo wall washer
3. Olbia spotlight
4. Crotone wall light
5. Cremona stair light
6. LED Strip






XS series neon flex outlines Aeon Mall Ha Dong in Hanoi, Vietnam


CDN XS series neon flex is versatile with the side and top bending structures, it can freely shape itself towards the left or right, upwards or downwards that enable a wide range of lighting concepts, offer individual solutions for all applications including indoor and outdoor. You may choose from the different widths, bending structures, and colour temperatures (include RGB/RGBW), to find the fitting models for your projects.





Discover more:



The XS series neon flex outlines the facade of Aeon Mall Ha Dong to bring distinct exterior lighting, as the light diffuses softly and clearly with no bright spot and no dark area.





Project: Aeon Mall Ha Dong in Hanoi, Vietnam

Local partner: Van Long Investment and Trade JSC.

Lighting fixtures: XS series Neon Flex

Model: CXGB1216B, Side Bend

DC 24V, 12W/M, 4000K, IP67



Public facility projects reward great benefits for all of us


Public facility projects reward great benefits for all of us.





Thanks to a good lighting design at Lanxi Park, it’s so vivid that generates a delightful outdoor space for people to enjoy themselves after nightfall. The park occupied a total area of about 1.26 million square metres. CDN provided a full range of outdoor lighting for this project.





Take a closer look at one of the CDN outdoor products used in Lanxi Park, the Bitonto series LED spotlight and its application.






What is it like to live in an inspiring oceanfront apartment?



I Can’t help but imagine what it’s like to live in such an inspiring oceanfront apartment!





Moreover, life and business here are very convenient. One Galla Face, located in the heart of Colombo’s central business district, is a mixed-use complex developed and managed by the Shangri-La group.



We provided lighting to the Residences apartment with CDN downlights and LED strips.





The wall washer downlight evenly spreads and refresh the interior, and the LED strip creates indirect lighting to bring the house to life.





Another Luxury residential project used CDN lighting


Another residential project was done with CDN Las Vegas downlights and ML2.0S magnetic linear system.



The project positions luxury homes occupying a landscape of 51,000 sq m (552,547 sq ft) consist 19 garden house buildings with a plot ratio of 1.5. Located in Zhengzhou, Henan China, the properties were designed by Lee Wei Min Architects and developed by Youwell Estate.





CDN Las Vegas downlights and ML2.0S magnetic linear system helped to fulfil the highly consistent interior style, create a very clean and comfortable lighting environment.





How would you better present the value of commodities in a supermarket?


How would you better present the value of commodities in a supermarket? For fresh food commodities, we find answers in high quality LED lighting with high CRI and special made colour temperatures.



CDN Lisse series track-mounted pendant fresh food light can enhance the colour and lustre of the commodities, and give shoppers a good impression. The COB LED light sources are available in 6-kinds of customized colour temperatures including seafood colour, bread colour, beef colour, vegetable colour, fruit colour, and meat colour, to fulfill the lighting tasks of various scenes. It’s suitable for the shopping malls and fresh food areas in the supermarkets.



Different mounting types of fresh food lights are available in our product portfolio.



Following a demo kit for our fresh food LED lights – The recessed downlights and track lights ranges.


For easy demonstration and marketing support, contact your sales manager for more details.



Find out more about CDN and our lighting portfolio:



BACH Kothen series Downlight


Bach Kothen series downlights are designed and made to create luxury lighting; it’s favoured among designers engaged in high-end luxury residential and relevant projects.




Apart from cooperation with international reputed developers, CDN is a strategic lighting supplier for over 60 of the Chinese Top100 real estate companies. Having participated in many influential projects, we understand how important is product development, so we make great efforts to invest in R&D to ensure we continuously offer high-quality lighting. Meanwhile, by deeply understanding the project demands we can create value-added products and services.





BACH V Downlight | Red Dot Design Award Winner 2021



<Product introduction video for BACH V Downlights>



BACH V has won the German Red Dot Award 2021. It’s another remarkable glory after BACH Ⅲ won the iF Design Award in 2017.


bach-v-reddot- award-winner


Let’s check out some essential features of BACH 5th generation downlights.


– An innovative double adjustment structure with only 8mm offset from the centre; and up to 35 degrees for vertical adjustment. This supports stable and more precise lighting control at different positions. For example, a wider lighting range and a closer washing distance from the wall to the ceiling.



– Various replaceable optic accessories and reflectors for extra anti-glare control and decoration.

– IP44 protection.