Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao


Project name: Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao


Location: Qingdao, China


Scope of work: Lobby, Restaurant, Guest Room


Year: 2023


CDN products used: BACH 5s Downlight, BACH 3 Downlight, BACH LED Strip



1/3 Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao


The hotel is situated in the Shangshi International Financial Center, a prominent landmark in Qingdao’s Laoshan District, and was designed inside and out by the renowned Studio Munge and KPF (New York). Refinement and comfort are the slogans at the Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao, which has 116 attractively themed rooms and a professional concierge team. Visitors can enjoy a variety of delicacies set against mountain views and ocean views.




2/3 CDN Lighting Solution




The lobby is on the 51st floor, and the ultra-high and panoramic French window makes the lobby spacious. The BACH 5s downlight was used in the gold-copper crosspiece, and the BACH LED strip was used in the red wall, highlighting the aristocratic nature and fostering the opulent ambience in the hotel. 






The restaurant is on the 50th floor, and the color scheme of sunset gold and traditional Chinese crimson reflects the cultural grandeur of the restaurant. The BACH 3 downlight and BACH LED strip in the ceiling created an elegant atmosphere, allowing guests to immerse themselves in every minute of dining.




Guest Room


Every step in the room brings a new perspective, with every detail of the lifestyle crafted. The guest room was well-lit with the BACH 3 downlight and BACH LED strip built into the ceiling. On either side of the bed’s head, there were reading lights and decorative table lamps fitted.





3/3 Essential LED Fixtures


In this project, CDN offered lighting solutions for the hotel’s lobbies, restaurants, and guest rooms, including BACH 5s downlight, BACH 3 downlight, and BACH LED strip.


▲BACH 5s Downlight

CDN lighting in the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022


Review CDN lighting project in the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.


Project Brief


-Shougang industrial park, the big air jump stadium, and sports facilities.

-Location: Beijing, China

-LED fixture: Bitonto spot light, LED bollard light, in-ground light, linear lighting, and tailor-made lighting.




We are honoured to have been a part of the program helping to build one of the major venues. CDN provided lighting for the industrial park, the big air jump stadium, sports facilities, and a 5-Star hotel.



The park is built on the site of an abandoned steel mill. It not only serves the Olympic games, but it is also a symbol of urban regeneration and a model for sustainable cities.




How did lighting design reveal the hidden qualities of Big Air Shougang at night?


“We aim to let it strikes people the same way as it does during the day, but at night, it is more impressive, so it is essential to process some exaggerated and salient features that will be visible in the nighttime.” According to Mr Zhang Xin, Head of Lighting Design for the Big Air Shougang, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou Competition Zone Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and Associate Professor at the Tsinghua University School of Architecture.


CDN-lighting-project-Big-Air-Shougang-Olympic-Winter-games-beijing-2022 CDN-lighting-project-Big-Air-Shougang-Olympic-Winter-games-beijing-2022

▲ Big Air Shougang stadium



CDN tailor-made spot lights were used in the project.


Big Air Shougang is the world’s first permanent venue for big air jumping. Surrounded by four cooling towers, it’s to blend with the whole appearance of the industrial site and respects the original history. After the Beijing Winter Olympics Games, the facilities will continue to serve residents to be used for various sports competitions and training, as well as hosting cultural and public events.



Review CDN lighting solution at the sports facilities in Shougang Park, linear lighting was used. Thanks to the Olympic Games that driven to transform the deactivated industrial site into a vibrant community.



▲ Sports facilities at Shougang park



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cdn-lighting-peoject-culture-plaza- liudong-new-are

Culture Plaza of Liudong New Area



Can architecture fly?


It may be possible with professional lighting!


cdn-lighting-peoject-culture-plaza- liudong-new-are


The Culture Plaza of Liudong New Area locates on the south bank of LongHu Lake in Liuzhou City, China. The building has a constructed area of 195,000 square meters and an area of 69,000 square meters. In the shape of a butterfly, the “butterfly” on the shore of LongHu Lake symbolizes the development momentum of Liudong New Area.





Let’s review how the CDN lighting solution was implemented to reveal the dynamic sense of the project.


In the Liudong Culture Plaza, we used Arezzo series linear lights (300MM model splicing) to outline the main building from the top. The lighting was selected for a more precise beam angle and light colour to ensure consistent lighting output.





Arezzo is a masterfully designed LED linear light for a wide range of applications. It’s optional to have value-added accessories for anti-dazzle, and 180° accurate directional adjustment.














CDN outdoor lighting in the Plaza is controlled by an intelligent system that offers preset lighting modes, such as “Festival mode – Weekday mode – Late night mode”.
In addition, the lighting system can integrate with the Plaza’s audio system and monitoring system to create a dynamic impression for the entire project at night.





CDN provided both the outdoor lighting solution and the indoor lighting for the public areas;

Exterior lighting: Arezzo linear lights controlled by a smart system.
Interior lighting: Las Vegas downlight, Dublin track spotlight.


Check below a video to showcase CDN lighting solutions to the Culture Plaza of Liudong New Area.


A video to showcase CDN lighting solutions to the Culture Plaza of Liudong New District





Create a lovely home lighting in Iraq Gate Residential Complex Apartment

How can we create a pleasant home lighting with just the downlights and the pendant?



<Watch the video – A concise style home in lovely lighting>






Apartment in Iraq Gate residential complex, the lighting design and instalment was done by our local partner LUXIFI in Iraq.

CDN supplied the Las Vegas downlights, Copenhagen pendant lights and LED strips for this project.







The Las Vegas downlight is proud of both high quality and versatility, it can blend in different spaces in a house, creating both accent and general lighting.






CDN Project reference in India




XS series neon flex outlines Aeon Mall Ha Dong in Hanoi, Vietnam


CDN XS series neon flex is versatile with the side and top bending structures, it can freely shape itself towards the left or right, upwards or downwards that enable a wide range of lighting concepts, offer individual solutions for all applications including indoor and outdoor. You may choose from the different widths, bending structures, and colour temperatures (include RGB/RGBW), to find the fitting models for your projects.





Discover more: https://cdnlighting.cc/lamp-led-driver-neon-flex/



The XS series neon flex outlines the facade of Aeon Mall Ha Dong to bring distinct exterior lighting, as the light diffuses softly and clearly with no bright spot and no dark area.





Project: Aeon Mall Ha Dong in Hanoi, Vietnam

Local partner: Van Long Investment and Trade JSC.

Lighting fixtures: XS series Neon Flex

Model: CXGB1216B, Side Bend

DC 24V, 12W/M, 4000K, IP67



CDN Light Expericing Showrooms in Zhongshan and Shanghai


CDN Outdoor Lighting Showroom


CDN outdoor lighting exhibition hall covers an area of 800 square meters, located in Zhongshan city China. It integrates Chinese gardens, Hui-style architecture, and industrial decoration. We’d like to mention the lighting application in a few areas here.





At the Pool Area:

Projection lights are used in the water to project the koi fish moving around. The lights can be customized according to different scenes.

The flexible light strip outlines the contour of the arch bridge on its outer side and lit up its inner side for indicator lighting.





At the Visual Light Experiencing Area:

The RBGW LED light strips are equipped with an infrared sensor system, with the human body induction and endless changes, as if entering into magical space and time. Following beneath are various types of corner lights.






CDN Light Expericing Showroom in Shanghai





CDN Lighting Showroom in the East China Marketing Centre, located in Shanghai China, with a total area of approximately 528m2 (5683 sq. ft), the showroom covers nine experiencing spaces of different lighting scenes for Hotel, Residential, Outdoor landscape, Commercial chain, Education, Health care, Light Theatre, and Product exhibition; and Mayalit area for the museum lighting.


The lighting fixtures are presented by CDN and its sub-brand Mayalit.









What is it like to live in an inspiring oceanfront apartment?



I Can’t help but imagine what it’s like to live in such an inspiring oceanfront apartment!





Moreover, life and business here are very convenient. One Galla Face, located in the heart of Colombo’s central business district, is a mixed-use complex developed and managed by the Shangri-La group.



We provided lighting to the Residences apartment with CDN downlights and LED strips.





The wall washer downlight evenly spreads and refresh the interior, and the LED strip creates indirect lighting to bring the house to life.





Another Luxury residential project used CDN lighting


Another residential project was done with CDN Las Vegas downlights and ML2.0S magnetic linear system.



The project positions luxury homes occupying a landscape of 51,000 sq m (552,547 sq ft) consist 19 garden house buildings with a plot ratio of 1.5. Located in Zhengzhou, Henan China, the properties were designed by Lee Wei Min Architects and developed by Youwell Estate.





CDN Las Vegas downlights and ML2.0S magnetic linear system helped to fulfil the highly consistent interior style, create a very clean and comfortable lighting environment.





How to choose consistent lighting for different ceiling heights


Some of our partners had once encountered a headache problem in their lighting design projects: where to get a proper light fixture that can perfectly fit in a vast range of different ceiling heights yet still give out highly consistent CCT and clean light spots?





Then the answer reveals in the CDN Las Vegas downlights, serial products consist of 5-sizes cut-out from Φ55mm to Φ150mm to nicely illuminate space heights from 3 metres to 12 metres.





Some facts about the Las Vegas Downlights:

UGR < 6

CRI Ra > 95

SDCM < 2





Project reference: a luxury apartment in Dubai.

We used Las vegas downlight, ML2.0S Magnetic Linear lights, and strip lights in this project.