CDN lighting in the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022


Review CDN lighting project in the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.


Project Brief


-Shougang industrial park, the big air jump stadium, and sports facilities.

-Location: Beijing, China

-LED fixture: Bitonto spot light, LED bollard light, in-ground light, linear lighting, and tailor-made lighting.




We are honoured to have been a part of the program helping to build one of the major venues. CDN provided lighting for the industrial park, the big air jump stadium, sports facilities, and a 5-Star hotel.



The park is built on the site of an abandoned steel mill. It not only serves the Olympic games, but it is also a symbol of urban regeneration and a model for sustainable cities.




How did lighting design reveal the hidden qualities of Big Air Shougang at night?


“We aim to let it strikes people the same way as it does during the day, but at night, it is more impressive, so it is essential to process some exaggerated and salient features that will be visible in the nighttime.” According to Mr Zhang Xin, Head of Lighting Design for the Big Air Shougang, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou Competition Zone Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and Associate Professor at the Tsinghua University School of Architecture.


CDN-lighting-project-Big-Air-Shougang-Olympic-Winter-games-beijing-2022 CDN-lighting-project-Big-Air-Shougang-Olympic-Winter-games-beijing-2022

▲ Big Air Shougang stadium



CDN tailor-made spot lights were used in the project.


Big Air Shougang is the world’s first permanent venue for big air jumping. Surrounded by four cooling towers, it’s to blend with the whole appearance of the industrial site and respects the original history. After the Beijing Winter Olympics Games, the facilities will continue to serve residents to be used for various sports competitions and training, as well as hosting cultural and public events.



Review CDN lighting solution at the sports facilities in Shougang Park, linear lighting was used. Thanks to the Olympic Games that driven to transform the deactivated industrial site into a vibrant community.



▲ Sports facilities at Shougang park



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