CDN Project | Flatiron By Meridian

Project name: Flatiron By Meridian


Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Scope of work: Guest Room, Public Area, Outdoor, etc.


Year: 2023


CDN products used: Customized Downlight & Linear Wallwasher, B series Strip Light, etc.



1/3 Flatiron By Meridian


CDN offered original custom-made lighting and collaborated with Flatiron By Meridiam on every detail to feature distinctive modern design. Flatiron By Meridian is an acclaimed Freehold mixed-use development. It is inspired by the iconic architecture of New York’s Flatiron building. It is in the heart and a landmark of Phnom Penh.



Flatiron By Meridian contains office space and service apartments with 41 stories and 84,000 sqm. The hotel’s interior design combines elements of urban modernity and a touch of Art Deco where guests can enjoy world-class service.



2/3 CDN Lighting Solution


Guest Room


With 6000 sets of customized downlights, CDN illuminates the guest rooms to create a comfortable lighting environment. This allows guests to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and a fully customized living experience in every corner.



Public Area


In the public area, CDN uses different kinds of lights to create a luxurious atmosphere, iluminating the apartment lounge on the 28th floor, the sweeping views of the 14th floor offices, etc.





CDN uses customized linear wallwashers in outdoor lighting to meet the ideal wall grazing effect. The linear wallwasher is 300mm long and 27mm wide and is a surface-mounted wall grazer type with an anti-glare louver. The light-emitting is soft and friendly for a diversified and cosy atmosphere.




3/3 Essential LED Fixtures


In this project, CDN offered lighting solutions for Flatiron By Meridian with 41 stories, including customized downlight & linear wallwasher, B series strip light, etc.


▲Customized Downlight


▲B series Strip Light