CDN Project | Hilton Yala Resort

Project name: Hilton Yala Resort


Location: Sri Lanka, Colombo


Work scope: Guest Room, Public Area, Landscape




CDN product Used: Las Vegas Downlight, B Series Strip Light, Bolzano In-ground Light, etc.



1/3 Hilton Yala Resort


Hilton Yala Resort is a luxury resort on the southern border of Yala National Park in Sri Lanka, with views of the Indian Ocean.



The hotel has 42 rooms, including suites and villas with pools, spas and unique dining experiences. The most characteristic is that it offers adventure and relaxation.



2/3 CDN Lighting Solution


The outside public area of the resort is surrounded by rich vegetation, blending in perfectly with Yala’s magnificent surroundings. CDN provides light fittings according to this resort’s characteristics above.



Guest Room


Las Vegas downlights are provided in the guest room with four variable beam angles for more precise and delicate lighting. Numerous optical attachments helped designers complete their creative plans.



Public Area


B series strip lights, the most cost-performance fitting, are used in the outside public area. There are two light color options in the 3000K range: LED strip light in warm white for a cozy lighting atmosphere for lush greeneries, and in white for an effective ambience.





The landscape extensively uses the Bolzano in-ground lights and other lights for illumination. The Bolzano in-ground lights create an artistic environment that complements the surroundings and gives visitors a good first impression of this resort.




3/3 Essential LED Fixtures


In this project, CDN offered lighting solutions for Hilton Yala Resort, including Las Vegas downlight, B series strip light, Bolzano In-ground light, etc.