Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao


Project name: Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao


Location: Qingdao, China


Scope of work: Lobby, Restaurant, Guest Room


Year: 2023


CDN products used: BACH 5s Downlight, BACH 3 Downlight, BACH LED Strip



1/3 Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao


The hotel is situated in the Shangshi International Financial Center, a prominent landmark in Qingdao’s Laoshan District, and was designed inside and out by the renowned Studio Munge and KPF (New York). Refinement and comfort are the slogans at the Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao, which has 116 attractively themed rooms and a professional concierge team. Visitors can enjoy a variety of delicacies set against mountain views and ocean views.




2/3 CDN Lighting Solution




The lobby is on the 51st floor, and the ultra-high and panoramic French window makes the lobby spacious. The BACH 5s downlight was used in the gold-copper crosspiece, and the BACH LED strip was used in the red wall, highlighting the aristocratic nature and fostering the opulent ambience in the hotel. 






The restaurant is on the 50th floor, and the color scheme of sunset gold and traditional Chinese crimson reflects the cultural grandeur of the restaurant. The BACH 3 downlight and BACH LED strip in the ceiling created an elegant atmosphere, allowing guests to immerse themselves in every minute of dining.




Guest Room


Every step in the room brings a new perspective, with every detail of the lifestyle crafted. The guest room was well-lit with the BACH 3 downlight and BACH LED strip built into the ceiling. On either side of the bed’s head, there were reading lights and decorative table lamps fitted.





3/3 Essential LED Fixtures


In this project, CDN offered lighting solutions for the hotel’s lobbies, restaurants, and guest rooms, including BACH 5s downlight, BACH 3 downlight, and BACH LED strip.


▲BACH 5s Downlight