How BACH 5s amaze lighting designers


Light gives life to architecture and reveals its shape in space. Though we may be as small as a drop in the ocean, we have never forgotten our mission to follow the light and explore the relationship between light, architecture, and space. BACH 5s (three versions: Standard, Elite, and Premium) break free from strict conformity and explore creative concepts, craftsmanship, and other aspects. Continue the legends of the classics.





There are eight major innovation highlights in BACH 5s products. Striving for innovation and excellence in its design, BACH 5s provides designers with a satisfactory installation experience and superior product performance.





1/8  Gaussian Optical System (Standard version)


First of all, BACH 5s’ optical structure unlocks breakthrough technology. Light is refracted layer by layer by the precisely engineered structure, resulting in a soft, uniform light; the light boundary is clear, resulting in a clean round spot.



2/8  Optics technology (Elite version) 


A compound optical system relies on adding a new type of lens. This light fixture is equipped with secondary polarized optics, which allow the projection direction to be adjusted vertically from 0° to 25° without turning the luminaire. Integrated structural design, one light with dual functions, reveals more possibilities in lighting design.


3/8  A patented  spherical shielding design for glare-control


While adhering to superior optical quality, BACH 5s combines fixed and adjustable down lighting supports vertical adjustment of 0-30° and works with horizontal adjustment to create a directional effect. Spherical hoods can effectively prevent light leakage, improve light output efficiency, and enhance lighting quality.



4/8  1250 Digital beam control technology (Premium version)


1250 digital beam control technology enables connection to the mobile phone APP to realize any angle adjustment between the beam angles of 12°-50°, bringing flexible lighting for more application possibilities. As the display arrangement changes in a room, we can adapt to the new lighting task by adjusting the beam angles. BACH 5s combines technology with the art of light and shadow, bringing users a high-quality life experience with the convenience of digital lighting control.



5/8  1850 Colour temperature adjustment technology


Furthermore, BACH 5s offers a refined and bold concept in colour temperature adjustment: 1800K-5000K, with full-colour gamut + precise light control, so that the ranges of reasonable colour temperature and the changes of spatial contexts are mutually compatible, independent but interrelated. BACH lighting can bring out the colours of objects and environments faithfully at all times in comparison with a natural light source.


6/8  Installation


The Tourbillon mechanism offers a stable structure and easy adjustment in detail. The scale mark + sound feedback enables a higher adjustment accuracy from “hour” to “minute”, dramatically improving the user’s experience.



It features a pull ring that can take out the lamp body tool-free for easy maintenance; it can adjust the horizontal deflection as well. BACH lighting focuses on user experiences and human-oriented service.


7/8  Smart lighting


By using intelligence and cloud technology, BACH products are compatible with 11 major brands of wired systems and 7 major AIoT platforms, enabling a unique intelligent lighting experience.



8/8  Various optical accessories


Eight kinds of reflectors are optional to blend into different interior decoration styles; six types of optical accessories can create various light spots and optimize UGR for glare control. Such an ideal combination can decorate the infinite beauty of modern design.



Eventually, with more than 30 patents, BACH products are not only proof of quality, but also recognition of the brand.


Light builds a shelter for people’s hearts, creates hope and touches the future in life.BACH 5s create lighting that tells stories and brings out infinite possibilities in architectural space design.