Landison Gold Coast Hotel Xiangshan


Project name: Landison Gold Coast Hotel Xiangshan


Location: Zhejiang, China


Scope of work: Restaurant, Guest Room, Lobby, Public Area, and Other Places


Year: 2023


CDN products used: LED Multiple Light, LED Downlight, LED Surface Spotlight, C Series LED Strip Light, etc.




1/3 Landison Gold Coast Hotel Xiangshan


Landison Gold Coast Hotel Xiangshan is the designated hotel for media people in the 19th Asian Games for a lovely homely feel with a rich application of lights. Its area is about 30,000 square meters. There are complete facilities in guest rooms, receptions, recreational business districts, gyms, etc. It also has one Western restaurant and eight Chinese restaurants with sea views in different styles. This hotel is particularly popular with those traveling with families and businesses.




2/3 CDN Lighting Solution


The whole lighting design follows a warm, simple, dynamic, and joyful ambiance.



Comfortable and Warm Atmosphere


You can see one sailboat and three mascots when you enter the lobby. LED surface spotlights are embedded in wooden grating frames of the ceiling. C series LED strip lights are installed on the grating frames of the reception, bringing an up and down wallwashing effect. Both of them create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.



Cozy and Simple Style


There are 201 guest rooms in various types, with light grey and wood as their main color scheme. LED downlights and C series LED strip lights are applied to the ceiling, creating a comfortable and simple style.



Dynamic and Joyful Ambiance


The Western restaurant is mainly decorated in Chinese style with a long ink painting of fish playing between the lotus leaves. Red mesh lanterns are hung on the ceiling, LED multiple lights are embedded in the beams, and C series LED strip lights are installed on the ceiling, presenting a dynamic and joyful ambiance.



CDN lighting creates a cozy atmosphere, providing media people and guests with the feeling of eating with peace of mind and living with comfort.



3/3 Essential LED Fixtures


In this project, CDN offered lighting solutions for almost all areas in this hotel, including LED multiple light, LED downlight, LED surface spotlight, C series LED strip light, etc.


▲LED Multiple Light CES841N


▲LED Downlight DT31209


▲LED Spotlight CEX9102C


▲C Series LED Strip Light CEGB28120-100/A