Magnetic Linear System 2.0S

1. Installation way including surface-mounted, suspended, narrow trim recessed, trimless recessed, to satisfy different decoration styles.
2. Module design makes lighting combination can be easily done by end users. 8 kinds of modules can meet various demands for different applications. Modules are linear flood module , wall washer module ,linear spot module, linear spot module(adjustable), decorative module, track spot module, pendant spot module, pendant decorative module.
3. DC48V input voltage.
4. Three circuit makes the lighting modules can be controlled separately. 1-10V dimmable version is available.
5. This system is wired to mains supply from one end of the track profile. Also, self-locking latch function greatly improve the safety factor.
6. The “I” shape conductive connector perfectly solves the connecting problem after cutting profile.
7. Color-tunable extension function will be available to customize.

Line Art

magnetic linear system 2.0s cxl25mj line artUnit: mm