Professional lighting at CDN headquarters

Welcome to CDN Lighting Experience Center!




CDN Lighting Experience Center is the first large light experience venue throughout China, designed with the international top lighting design concept. The Experience Center covers a floor area of 300 square meters, completed in six months at the cost of RMB 2 million.



The Experience Center is mainly to create comfortable lounges and meeting areas by combining the interior design with the installation technology of CDN high-end lighting products.




The idea is to create different levels of lighting environment in different scenarios, ensuring guests experience a comfortable illume environment while enjoying the charm of professional lighting.





▲ A mini-bar and meeting area. Two different lighting patterns.


The entire lighting design in the Lighting Experience Center has adhered to the design idea: Minimized lighting equipment to achieve maximum lighting effect.


▲Wall Branding with accent lighting.

Base on the refreshing curve of the wall itself, lighting is designed carefully by selecting the right light.




▲ Showroom for Hospitality Lighting. Presented by CDN’s sub-brand BACH.




▲Showroom for Museum Lighting. Presented by CDN’s sub-brand Mayalit.




▲ Exhibit area for Shop Lighting. CDN’s sub-brand KAZ presents it.




▲Bentley car show LED light, exclusively custom made by CDN.




▲A display corner for the Magnetic Linear system




▲A display corner for emergency luminaire

And more…