Smart Lighting
CDN independently develops smart control systems, provides professional housing intelligent solutions, and brings smart and comfortable experiences to millions of families.
3 Advantages of CDN BLT Intelligent System
Stable (Wired + Wireless)

The more online devices connected to the wireless system, the easier it is for devices to be disconnected, out of sync, out of control, etc. The BLT intelligent system uses wired control (live wire) between the lights and the panel to avoid disconnected failure, improving stability. Optional wireless control panel, more convenient.

Devices Runs Stably Online
Lamps Run Stably Online
Applicable Before and After Decoration
Vioce Control
Smart Control Panel
Touch Screen Control
App Control
Convenient For Installation
Share the original live wire, eliminate slotting and wiring, and quickly replace the traditional switch to improve renovation and maintenance efficiency.
OTHER BRAND: All equipment needs to be connected to the network, the number of equipment is large, and it takes 1-2 days to complete the commissioning.
CDN: Only the control panel needs to be connected to the network for faster experience.
Convenient For Installation

Wiring Diagram

Magnetic Linear System Control Diagram

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