Dubai Downlight Has Won the 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award
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The 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award winners list has just been released. The Dubai Downlight series, also known as Dubai for short, made the list with outstanding quality and exceptional design from global entries.

2023 Contemporary Good Design Award1.jpg
Red Dot has been hosting the Contemporary Good Design Award, or CGD for short, since 2015. Its mission is to identify outstanding innovations that contribute to modern society and close the gap between design, enterprise, and global commerce.

2023 Contemporary Good Design Award2.jpg2023 Contemporary Good Design Award3.jpg

This competition is the only one in China in that the jury is made up of over 50% non-Chinese specialists, adhering to the Red Dot Award's judging standards.

2023 Contemporary Good Design Award4.jpg ▲CEO of Red Dot, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec

2023 Contemporary Good Design Award5.jpg

▲2023 CGD Ceremony Site

Dubai is remarkable in terms of appearance and inner. For hotels, commercial spaces, and other interior areas with a floor height of 12 meters or less, the look offers a mechanical aesthetic style with a narrow edge or a frameless design. Enhancing visual comfort, it has a Gaussian optical system with clear spots and UGR<9, which is significantly lower than the standard for commercial lighting. It provides a broad irradiation range and 0–40°.

2023 Contemporary Good Design Award6.jpg2023 Contemporary Good Design Award7.jpg▲Dubai Downlight Series in Synchronized Exhibition

The 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award is the recognition of the product research and development and design capability of CDN and another testimony to the pursuit of excellence. In the future, we will adhere to innovate and launch high-quality products to create more than a comfortable and healthy light environment.

2023 Contemporary Good Design Award8.jpg2023 Contemporary Good Design Award9.jpg

▲CDN Certificate Awarded

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