Lighting up Xiaomi Auto Stores
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At 19:00 on March 28th, the launch conference of Xiaomi cars came as scheduled. Xiaom's SU7 has been on display in showrooms of stores in 29 cities across the Chinese Mainland. CDN Lighting provided systemic lighting products and solutions for them. Lighting accurately outlines the smooth lines of the car body, providing consumers with a highly technological and fashionable visual experience.


1/3 CDN Lighting Lights up the Xiaomi Auto Store


Xiaomi Auto Stores 1.jpg


2/3 High-efficiency Customized Lighting Products and Solutions


To better display the true colors of the Xiaomi SU7 EV, all of the color temperatures of downlights and linear lights are 4500K. The color temperature of lamp tubes used in some public areas is 5500K. Besides some lights used in public areas have a color temperature of 5500K and RA ≥ 90, the low-power and high-efficiency products. CDN's R&D team immediately started color temperature customization when they received the demand. Strictly inspected lights, and quickly put them into production and application with high quality to efficiently meet customer needs.


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In Xiaomi Auto stores, the decoration is mainly white, the space is bright, and the overall style is elegant. Dubai spotlights with deep-hidden anti-glare are embedded in the ceiling. The lighting is the same as the color of the space, highly restoring the true color of the car. It also illuminates the SU7 EV in all directions and makes consumers see the details and craftsmanship of the Dream Car clearly from 360°.

 Xiaomi Auto Stores 3.jpgXiaomi Auto Stores 4.jpg


The delivery center has uniform illumination and soft lighting, presenting a relaxed and warm atmosphere, allowing consumers to enjoy a high-quality service experience here and further enhancing their desire to purchase.


Xiaomi Auto Stores 5.jpg 

Previously, based on the characteristics and needs of different car brand showrooms, CDN has successfully provided services to many well-known car brand showrooms, such as Bentley, Porsche, Infiniti, BMW, Tesla, NIO, Ideal, BYD, Geely etc. 

Xiaomi Auto Stores 7.jpgXiaomi Auto Stores 6.jpg

Xiaomi Auto Stores 8.jpg


3/3 Xiaomi Auto


Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd., or Xiaomi Auto, is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Beijing. It is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, a Chinese consumer electronics firm that primarily develops and manufactures electric automobiles. “Xiaomi wants to build a 'dream car' comparable to Porsche and Tesla,” Lei Jun said on Weibo. SU7 demonstrated the five core technologies of smart EVs to create a mobile smart space this time.

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