CDN Overseas Sales Team 2023 in Review
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World output growth is projected to decelerate from an estimated 3.0% in 2022 to 1.9% in 2023, marking one of the lowest growth rates in recent decades, according to a UN report launched. Despite being faced with a complex and demand-lacklustre external environment, and risks linked to the property sector, the CDN overseas sales team has always maintained sales growth and entered a stage of rapid development because of its daring spirit.

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2023 is a fun, stressful, and successful year. CDN overseas sales team and their partners completed many impactful projects this year, such as the Public Investment Fund (PIF) Tower, the Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Expansion, the Vasaskolan Gävle School, the ABK Al Waab Residential Tower, etc.


PIF Tower is the tallest of the five structures that comprise the King Abdullah Financial District's financial plaza, rising 1,260 feet above the city. The building marks the start of a new chapter of financial leadership within Saudi Arabia's capital city. This project helps CDN open the door to more government projects in Saudi Arabia.

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The Ritz-Cariton Reserve is a luxury hotel developed in the Red Sea by developer Red Sea Global, a subsidiary of the Saudi government's sovereign fund PIF. The St. Regis Red Sea is part of the Red Sea Project, one of the first 'giga' projects announced by Saudi Arabia's government, and is an ambitious regenerative landmark project. These two projects help CDN open the door to more high-end hotel projects in Saudi Arabia.


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▲The Ritz-Carlton Reserve

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▲The St. Regis Red Sea Resort


The HKIA Expansion will grow to accommodate a three-runway system (3RS) and an additional 30 million people annually. It is crucial for establishing the airport as an international and regional aviation hub. This project contributes to CDN's international fame.

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The project - PIF Tower deserves special mention. At the annual meeting, the company awarded this team of project the title of "CDN Outstanding Team" and provided generous bonuses for encouragement.

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▲2023 Outstanding Team Award Site


Mr. Alex, the project leader, said that he was very grateful for the company's recognition and the efforts of various departments, overseas partners, and their project team. They are in close contact with overseas partners and various departments at each stage.

In the early stages of the project, they flew to Saudi Arabia to have in-depth discussions with customers from their perspective and received strong support from the company to set up a project team. It only took the project team one month to produce the first batch of prototypes and arrange for personnel to deliver samples on-site. Due to the high quality of the samples and their positive attitude of cooperation, they finally won the trust of the customer. It took five months of multi-department to complete the process from customisation plan research and review to project supply.


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▲The Sales Director of Overseas Market, Mr. Alex


The new year 2024 has begun. CDN overseas sales team will continue to uphold CDN's values, not forgetting its original aspirations, craftsmanship spirit and being full of confidence. With Partners, following heart, we are going far.

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